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The David Pakman Show - January 24, 2017

January 24, 201758 min
--On the Show: --Richard Spencer, Editor of and President of The National Policy Institute, joins David to discuss the alt-right, white nationalism, Donald Trump, and his altercations with protesters over inauguration weekend --Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, progressives should work on a number of initiatives, including dropping identity politics, passing ranked choice voting and popular vote initiatives, working to increase voter turnout, fighting voter ID laws and working with President Trump on points of agreement --President Trump promises to "Make America Great Again," so we assess statistics from the Bush administration next to that of Obama's to see where Trump will stack up --This week's top images from David's Instagram account --President Trump has already lied five times in his brief time in office, including exaggerating the inaugural crowd size, overstating the amount of Time magazine covers he has appeared on, and claiming that 3

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