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The David Pakman Show - June 11, 2015

June 11, 201551 min
On the Show:--Darrel Ray, organizational psychologist, consultant, host of the Secular Sexuality podcast, and author of Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality, joins David to discuss the reality of sex addiction--Bernie Sanders repeatedly denies having Israeli citizenship--Do people think that Bernie Sanders is a Republican?--The murder charges for Kenlissia Jones, the Georgia woman who took an abortion pill, are dismissed--Documentary recommendation: Hotline--Pat Robertson: The death of a 3-year-old could have been God's will; the child could have grown up to be Hitler--Nick and Sarah Jensen, a Christian Australian couple, threaten to get divorced if gay marriage is legalized in Australia--Laquanda Newby leaves her kids in a hot car while in court for leaving her kids in a hot car--Downfall of humanity: Pizza Hut will offer hotdog-stuffed crust pizza--Voicemail on a Jewish President–On the Bonus Show: The #AskSeaworld PR campaign, NY considers salt warnings on menus, Samsung revea

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