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The David Pakman Show - June 17, 2015

June 17, 201552 min
On the Show:--Rick Ruddell, Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Chair in Police Studies at the University of Regina, criminologist, and the co-author of Making Sense of Criminal Justice, joins David to discuss crime, law enforcement, and the justice system in resource-based rural boom-towns--Rachel Dolezal is not the same as Caitlyn Jenner--Donald Trump announces that he is running for President and uses an unauthorized Neil Young song--Hillary Clinton opposes the TPP yet pushed for it 45 times as Secretary of State--Hatriot Mail--Kansas will raise taxes on the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich--Rush Limbaugh's audience is disappearing--Greg Gianforte, aspiring Republican governor of Montana, tells us that Noah was 600 when he built the Americans shouldn't retire--Mining jobs that pay $200,000 a year will be replaced by driverless trucks--Voicemail on Bernie Sanders the Independent/Democrat–On the Bonus Show: The FDA bans artificial trans-fats, Amazon seeks to turn consumers in

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