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The David Pakman Show - June 9, 2016

June 9, 201653 min
On the Show: --Eric Gajewski, traditional Catholic who warns of the impending great chastisements foretold at Fatima, and operator of, joins David to explain his end-times prophecies and other religious hypotheses --Two Palestinian shooters, who were dressed as Hasidic Jews, opened fire at a market in Tel Aviv, Israel; four people were killed --A French waitress was allegedly assaulted by two Muslim men for serving alcohol during Ramadan --Documentary recommendation: Bigger, Stronger, Faster* --The David Pakman Show is in search of a producer to hire --Don't pass up this half-price membership special --A bloody image of Australian actress Samara Weaving has falsely shared online as an image of a beaten Donald Trump supporter; a supporter beaten by so-called violent liberals --A Priceonomics analysis of data from Hipmunk, comparing booking data from this year compared to last year, has revealed that Trump hotel bookings appear to have decreased by 59% --Voicem

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