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The David Pakman Show - March 6, 2015

March 6, 201551 min
On the Show:
--Classic Interview: David Bollier, author, activist, and expert on the "commons" is interviewed. Bollier lends his expertise to the Media Education Foundation documentary "This Land is Our Land"
--Americans are leaving organized religion in record numbers
--Flashback: A 13-year-old Jonathan Krohn gives a bizarre speech at CPAC
--Flashback: Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut; all hell broke loose and Rush lost multiple advertisers
--Flashback: Hugo Chavez is dead at 58 years old and we discuss his legacy, the future, and initial reaction to David’s commentary about Chavez
--Audience Question: Were you ever suspended from school?
--Audience Question: What is your opinion on tanning beds? How long will they be around?
--Audience Question:  Do you gamble? Is gambling objectively bad?
–On the Bonus Show: Louis reviews a favorite scotch, Japanese legislation seeks to require days off from work, Petraeus to plead guilty, more...
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