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The David Pakman Show - March 17, 2015

March 17, 201552 min
On the Show (Best of from January 14, 2015)
--The conclusion of our interview with Claire Headley, who worked at Scientology headquarters as a sea organization member for 15 years, discussing working for the Church of Scientology, being involved in the auditing of Tom Cruise, being forced by the Church to have two abortions, and her eventual escape from the Church's remote compound in California
--Charlie Hebdo sells out and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula takes responsibility for the attack
--Reza Aslan blames the Charlie Hebdo attack on France's "inability to tolerate multiculturalism"
--Republicans are angry over Obama not going to France
--Hatriot Mail
--A SWAT team kills Jason Westcott during a drug raid and finds $2 worth of marijuana
--2016 GOP: Mitt Romney leads, Chris Christie sets up a PAC, Rand Paul prepares for a run
--Voicemail on the recent George Zimmerman arrest
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