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The David Pakman Show - March 15, 2016

March 15, 201655 min
--Gray Scott, futurist, techno-philosopher, and CEO and founder of, who has been featured on Discovery channel, VICE Motherboard, CBS News, NY Post and Psychology Today, joins David to discuss the path to a post-scarcity world
--Republican primaries are happening in five states tonight; will Donald Trump maintain his lead?
--The Democratic nominee could be decided tonight as five states hold primaries
--A new nationwide study has presented evidence suggesting that gun deaths in the US could be reduced by more than 90% by implementing three specific gun safety laws
--A spring TDPS giveaway: T-shirts and bluetooth headphones
--David continues to post pictures on Instagram, some recent popular pictures include a car selfie and grilled cheese
--Morality with Motamedi: Which world leader would Louis assassinate?
--TDPS is now on Ora TV with Larry King, Dave Rubin, and Jesse Ventura
--Jeff Miller, the NFL's senior Vice President for Health and Safety, admitted that there wa

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