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The David Pakman Show - March 13, 2017

March 13, 201762 min
--On the Show: --Julien de Wit, researcher at MIT who is leading the atmospheric study of TRAPPIST-1, joins David to discuss the discovery of seven earth-like planets and whether they might contain life  --President Trump's new travel and refugee ban affecting six Muslim-majority countries loses a court battle, as US District Judge William Conley blocks the administration from enforcing the order against a Syrian family looking to escape their war-torn homeland by fleeing to Wisconsin --According to a new Upshot analysis, voters who are eligible for at least $5,000 less in tax cuts under the Republican health care plan compared to Obamacare supported Donald Trump by a margin of 59% to 36% --Health policy experts determine the Republican health care program will cost the average person enrolled an extra $1,542 in 2017, and that number is projected to go up to $2,409 by the time it's fully implemented in 2020 --The US drone program has accelerated under President Trump, going from one st

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