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The David Pakman Show - May 20, 2015

May 20, 201552 min
On the Show:--Robert Spitzer, Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at SUNY Cortland who recently wrote the op-ed in theNew York Times titled "Stand Your Ground Makes No Sense," joins David to discuss the many problems with "stand your ground" laws, and its disproportionate use based on race--Jeb Bush claims that George W. Bush was mislead into war--The terrorist plans of Robert Doggart receive little coverage; he is a Christian who wanted to kill Muslims--Conservatives welcome Obama to Twitter by calling him a nigger--Bernie Sanders issues a bill to make college tuition free--Hatriot Mail--Billionaire and oil executive Harold Hamm tells the University of Oklahoma to fire scientists who are researching the link between drilling and earthquakes--Students at Valencia College are forced to get trans-vaginal ultrasounds in class while their teachers make bizarre comments--Yet another anti-gay pastor, Reverend Matthew Makela, is caught trolling for sex with men--Google's self

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