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The David Pakman Show - May 4, 2016

May 4, 201655 min
On the Show: --AJ Angulo, historian, educational researcher, and the author of Diploma Mills: How For-Profit Colleges Stiffed Students, Taxpayers, and the American Dream, joins David to discuss the problems with for-profit colleges --Bernie Sanders has won the Indiana primary; a contested convention is looking more likely --Ted Cruz has ended his campaign after losing to Donald Trump in the Indiana primary; Cruz then elbowed his wife --Hatriot Mail --Ted Cruz campaign staffer Steve Lonegan makes a crude comparison between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump while speaking to CNN's Kate Bolduan; he calls Trump "Hillary with a penis" --There is a growing list of Republicans who are going to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump --A new NBC News poll released yesterday shows that 57% of democrats say that Bernie Sanders should stay in the primary race until the Democratic National Convention --The hate group American Family Association has admitted that they are sending men into the wom

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