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The David Pakman Show - May 5, 2016

May 5, 201653 min
On the Show: --David McAfee, journalist, religious studies graduate, and author of The Belief Book, which helps parents teach their children about religions and beliefs, joins David to discuss the correct way to teach religion in schools, and why it makes sense to be both non-religious and spiritual --Republican presidential candidate John Kasich has left the race; Donald Trump is now running unopposed --Donald Trump has hired former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson to help select a vice presidential candidate --Former KKK leader David Duke is celebrating Donald Trump's victory over "Jew supremacists" --We are giving away 32GB David Pakman Show flash drives --Show recommendation: Black Mirror --Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump by 13 points nationally in a new CNN/ORC poll --62 year old Wayne Simmons has been a Fox News terrorism "expert" for a long time based on his claim that he was a CIA agent; he lied and he has now plead guilty to those fraudulent claims in feder

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