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The David Pakman Show - November 17, 2014

November 17, 201452 min
On the Show:
--Sharon Gilbert, trained biologist and biblical scholar, joins David to discuss her belief that Ebola in West Africa is a sign of the end-times, and her belief that some biblical prophecies are true because of time travel
--Paid shills are publishing anti-net neutrality articles with no disclosure on their corporate backers
--Republicans are devastated as a new Gallup poll shows that Americans love their Obamacare
--The US is getting more liberal and conservatives are getting more conservative
--A court rejects a challenge to Obamacare contraception rules
--Noteworthy Amazon items
--Anonymous hacks and seizes a KKK Twitter account
--Ben Carson suggests stripping non-citizens of citizen ship for voter fraud
--Matt Taylor, a Rosetta comet landing scientist, apologizes for his "offensive" sexist shirt
--Fox lies again...claiming that the Keystone XL pipeline would create "tens of thousands" of jobs
--Voicemail on China climate deal
–On the Bonus Show: The government spends $

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