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The David Pakman Show - November 9, 2015

November 9, 201552 min
Today on The David Pakman Show / November 9, 2015 / Best of from August 25, 2015
On the Show:
--Mark Everson, Republican presidential candidate who served in the Reagan and Bush Administrations in capacities that included US Information Agency, DOJ, INS & IRS, joins David to discuss his presidential campaign, and why he thinks the Hillary Clinton email "scandal" is so important
--Over 50 North Korean submarines vanish in an "unprecedented" deployment
--A black man is pulled over by a white cop for "making direct eye contact"
--A new anti-LGBT organization says that transgender women using women's restrooms is "filthy, disgusting, and unsafe"
--Jan Castellano of Wildwood, Missouri claims that Donald Trump's face appeared in her butter
--Saudi Arabia is executing one person every two days; children and the mentally disabled are not excluded
--Women get the right to vote in Saudi Arabia
--We are getting closer to the Hyperloop transport
--The scientists who found gluten "sensitivity" evi

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