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The David Pakman Show - November 18, 2016

November 18, 201659 min
--On the Show: --Classic Interview: Rupert Darwall, Author of "The Age of Global Warming," joins David to discuss his allegations of climate science McCarthyism and litmus tests --President-elect Trump says he will appoint only pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, prompting the state of Indiana to propose a total ban on abortion --David discusses some of the big things coming up on The David Pakman Show --David recommends the documentary "Holy Hell" --Caller raises the topic of industrial uses of hemp --Caller asks about the divide in the Democratic Party between centrists and progressives --Caller has mixed feelings about the anti-Trump walk-out protest occurring at her school --Caller wonders if Donald Trump could win a second term as president --Caller thinks it might be best to keep the electoral vote --Caller is concerned we are heading towards World War III --Audience Question: Do you look down at people who don't read? --Audience Question: Is it better being a kid or an adult?

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