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The David Pakman Show - October 9, 2014

October 9, 201452 min
On the Show:
--Classic Interview: Gerald Friedman, Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, joins us to outline his recent outline of exactly how single payer healthcare would be both affordable and efficient economically
--The larger your friends, the larger your appetite
--NASA considers deep sleep or "torpor" for the Mars mission crew
--The 2014 election COULD fix our government...but it won't
--Flashback: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, passes away at age 56, and we discuss Apple’s past and influence, as well as their labor problems
--Flashback: Mitt Romney wins a debate by lying, actually employing a debate tactic called the “Gish Gallop”
--Flashback: An estimated 10,000 people are sickened from a salmonella outbreak traced to raw chicken from Foster Farms
--Audience Question: Should people be allowed to modify themselves in any way and without judgement or persecution?
--Audience Question: Why do Republicans and Libertarians use "European Socialism" as a slur when

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