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The David Pakman Show - October 14, 2014

October 14, 201451 min
On the Show:
--Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing at Concordia University and author of The Consuming Instinct and The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption, joins David to discuss the recent controversy on Real Time With Bill Maher, involving Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Ben Affleck discussing radical Islam and Islamaphobia
--The World Health Organization warns of 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week
--Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health, claims that budget cuts are the reason we don't have an Ebola vaccine
--Obama is unhappy with the "fast lane" internet plans of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler; a former cable lobbyist appointed by Obama
--Extending unemployment benefits is fiscally conservative
--Kraig Powell, a Utah Republican State Representative, wants to call same-sex marriages "pairages" because they are not real marriages
--Georgia Governor Nathan Deal must go
--Walmart announces that they are cutting health insurance for 30,000 employees and that they will be en

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