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The David Pakman Show - September 5, 2014

September 5, 201453 min
On the Show:
--Classic Interview: Todd Friel, host of Wretched TV, a Christian TV show, joins David to argue his case that because of President Obama’s reelection, the US has become a “post-Christian nation,” and to discuss the so-called oppression of Christianity in the US
--There is 99.999% certainty that humans are driving global warming
--Bill O'Reilly still denies white privilege; cites "Asian privilege"
--Welfare drug screenings test positive in only 0.25% of applicants
--Flashback: John Kerry’s discussion of Syria sounds very familiar and John McCain is caught playing poker on his phone during the hearing on Syria
--Flashback: Authorities say a ‘strategically significant’ terrorist attack was and is being planned by Al-Qaeda, and we wonder about the objectives of making such threats of violence public
--Flashback: It’s Labor Day, and Republicans are cheering bad jobs numbers with the hope of using them against Democrats
--Audience Question: Do you have any respect for right-wing

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