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The David Pakman Show - September 23, 2014

September 23, 201451 min
On the Show:
--David Fitzgerald,  author of NAILED: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All and The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion, joins David to discuss why he doesn't believe that an historical Jesus ever existed
--The U.S. launches air strikes against ISIS in Syria
--Jacob George, an anti-war Afghanistan veteran, commits suicide
--There are 102 arrests at the Flood Wall Street protest
--A hit piece from a chemtrail conspiracy theorist accuses David of having "paymasters"
--Bryan Fischer suggests that all immigrants should be required to convert to Christianity
--Pat Robertson struggles to explain the difference between Bible violence and Koran violence
--Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt warns that Democratic lawmakers should be afraid of being shot
--Jim Geraghty, a National Review Online contributing editor, blames Obama for the failures of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
--Benjy Bronk, a member of the Howard Stern show, interrupts an NFL Roger Goodell press

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