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The David Pakman Show - September 24, 2014

September 24, 201452 min
On the Show:
--Louis Manzo, former New Jersey State Assemblyman and author of Ruthless Ambition, joins David to discuss his book, which attempts to detail Chris Christie's corruption
--Bill O'Reilly has an absurd plan to defeat ISIS
--Is the Khorasan group as dangerous as the White House claims?
--Emma Watson condemns gender discrimination; a hacker threatens to reveal her nude pictures
--An astounding 70% of illegal Mexican weapons are traced back to the US
--Hatriot Mail
--Texas moves to veto AP history class
--The Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia plans to target black Democrats at polling places
--Theo Zwanziger, a FIFA Executive Committee member, says that Qatar will not hold the 2022 World Cup
--David has a bizarre street encounter
--Email on our critique of the Olive Garden
–On the Bonus Show: Implanting a third breast, MIT is working on new spacesuits, the world's first powered submarine, more...
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