The David Pakman Show

The David Pakman Show - September 9, 2016

September 9, 201656 min
On the Show: --Classic interview: Mark Sandlin and former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt debate what the meaning of "true" Christianity is, and we discuss in the context of "real" Islam. --A truly cringeworthy moment as Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson looks visibly confused about a simple question regarding the Syrian city of Aleppo --Caller understands that David isn't a progressive bandwagoner --Caller talks to David about whether $50 Canadian Epipens are reliable and safe --Caller asks David whether he would appear on Drunken Peasants or illiberal shows or podcasts --Caller asks David whether spending government money on space exploration is worthwhile --Caller inquires about Louis' whereabouts and activities since leaving the show --Caller confronts David about whether advertisers influence the show in the wake of the YouTube monetization purge --Audience question: Are elections worth anything if most people don't vote? --Audience question: Who are your favorit

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