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The David Pakman Show - September 28, 2016

September 28, 201659 min
On the Show: --Mike Papantonio, attorney and co host of Ring of Fire Radio, joins David to discuss his new legal thriller Law and Disorder --Yet another man is shot by police for being insubordinate, and allegations have surfaced that he was unarmed, disabled and pleaded with officers not to be shot --During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump lied considerably more than Hillary Clinton, 34 to 6 --Republican candidate Donald Trump is clearly disappointed and embarrassed by his debate performance, but his damage control has been as bad or even worse --Hatriot Mail --Despite overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating climate change is man-made, Trump campaign manager Kellyann Conway admits Trump believes it is merely naturally occurring --Chelsea Clinton implies that marijuana is killing people, hinting that it is responsible for multiple deaths in Colorado --Pat Robertson, host of the 700 club, makes yet another crazy remark, saying the devil is using Halloween to "destroy y

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