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Data Feeds: An Affiliate Marketers Secret Weapon

February 4, 201634 min
Why Data Feeds Are an Affiliate Marketers Secret Weapon as James Martell speaks with Asif Malik from GoldenCAN. Asif Malik came to the United States in 1996 to join his family. Asif started learning about the affiliate marketing industry by initially selling Amazon books on his developer community website “”. Asif has always possessed a strong desire to share his programming knowledge and experience with others. So, he came up with a way to help affiliates that have little or no programming experience by creating a “tool”. This tool called GoldenCAN Datafeed Integration was launched in May of 2005 and it quickly became the hottest tool in the affiliate marketing industry. This popular tool allows people to add millions of products to their websites using only one line of code. Asif earned his B.Sc degree in Double Math and Physics from Punjab University Pakistan. In addition to his well known name in the industry, he also sits on the Amazon Web Services Developer Advisory Cou

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