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Is Performance Marketing the New Affiliate Marketing?

January 8, 201655 min
Is Performance Marketing the New Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing has been touted as one of the rising stars, and as one of the go-to channels in digital marketing. Lately, there is a trend and reliance on affiliate marketing only, and advertisers are coming up disappointed. We learn the following about Performance Marketing. - Performance Marketing is a broader concept than affiliate marketing – it ties different actions and consumer engagement than just sales or leads - Performance Marketing is social, search, affiliate, re-engagement, abandonment, mobile, downloads, pay per click, view thru, programmatic media - Why does it all have to work together? - Even if you aren’t trying to build a brand, do you still need more than affiliate marketing? Can’t I just rely on affiliate to drive sales? - How do I measure all the channels? What is attribution? - What is incrementality? Is it a real thing? - What are the take aways? Also, they discuss why its not just content any more, a

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