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Executive Presence and Communication Expert Suzanne Bates

March 30, 201630 min
Suzanne Bates is a Keynote Speaker and expert on Executive Presence and Communication. Suzanne Bates is the CEO of Bates, a firm founded in 2000 with a mission today to help leaders influence the world. The firm is distinguished in the field of leadership development for its ground breaking research and practical approach to helping leaders make an impact.

The firms roster of senior executive clients is a who's who of top global companies that turn to Bates for advice, consulting, executive coaching and expertise in the field of executive presence and communicative leadership. In 2013, the firm researched, piloted and launched the first-ever research-based model of executive presence, and operationalized it in the scientifically validated assessment tool, the Bates ExPI. TheBates Model of Executive Presence provides organizations with a rich, multi-dimensional framework for measuring the way individual leaders influence and make an impact to drive business results.

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