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Tech Trends for 2016 With Amy Webb

March 7, 201635 min
Talking Tech Trends for 2016 as Rudina Seseri speaks with author, futurist and Founder of Webbmedia GroupAmy Webb.

She explains how she "used a six-part methodology beginning with seeking out those on the fringes doing unusual experimentation or research. Next I look for patterns using my CIPHER model, where I identify previously unseen contradictions, inflections, practices, hacks, extremes, and rarities. Then I ask practical questions, mapping trajectories, building scenarios, and pressure-testing my conclusions."

Her2016 trends offer early warnings and opportunities for managers in all industries.

Amy Webb is the founder and CEO of Webbmedia Group, a digital strategy firm that advises an international client base on near-future emerging technologies and digital media trends. She is also a Visiting Neiman Fellow at Harvard University.

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