4 Daily Habits of Successful SEOs

August 11, 201640 min
4 daily habits of successful SEOs1 – Read the News2 -  Review all analytics tools to figure out what is and isn’t working3 – Take hands-on action.4 – Constant skills upgrading requires constant tinkering

Plus, Arianna Huffington stepping down from HuffPost. Huffington said the new health and wellness company she is launching, Thrive Global, demands her full-time attention. Thrive will start in November.

Links still Crucial, as explained by Jason deMers in Search Engine Land; Google Brain teamtaking questions in a massive AMA at Reddit right now! Also, Google Ranking Factors 2016- Content & Links Are the Two Most Important Ranking Signals- RankBrain - Third Most Important Factor- Click-Through Rate (CTR) is Not a Ranking Factor- Google Confirms 301, 302, 3xx redirects Do Not Lose PageRank Value- Local Business Ranking Factors- Mobile-Friendliness - a Ranking Signal on Mobile Searches- Google Now Ranks Mobile Page Speed Separately- Google Updates Search Quality Guidelines

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