Moz Layoffs, Gawkers Googbye, and the NSA hacked

August 18, 201649 min
Moz LayoffsThe search marketing world was stunned late yesterday with the announcement Moz is laying off 28% of its staff in a move to become profitable. Moz CEO Sarah Bird made an emotional blog post yesterday titled, “Moz is Doubling Down on Search” outlining a renewed focus on core SEO related products in the Moz Toolbox such as rank tracking, keyword research, local search listings, duplicate management, onpage items, web crawl, and links analysis. Left unmentioned in her post was the community Moz had created and sustained for several years. In fact, all layoffs happened in the community divisions of Moz, including the extraordinary Jennifer Sable Lopez. Rand Fishkin later tweeted this was about getting the company revenue-right. For Moz and the extremely tight internal community they’ve built, this must be an awful day; even more so for those let go, not because of their performance but because of a management decision to marshal their energies in a more focused direction. In the

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