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How Do I Explain The Silence - Strawberry Letter

Strawberry Letter

Dear Steve and Shirley, I've been married for three years and I work from home, but I have to travel sometimes for conferences. I often ride with co-workers if it's a short distance. Last week I drove and Don and Calvin from work jumped in with me. I made sure not to tell my husband, who was riding with me, until we got in the car, so I could act like I went up to the office and the guys just happened to end up in my car. My plan worked, and my husband called right as we pulled up to the hotel in Austin. I stayed in my car to take the call while Don and Calvin got our bags. It started raining, so I had to rush off the phone and get into the hotel because I couldn't find my umbrella................................................

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How Do I Explain The Silence - Strawberry Letter