82: Travel Pt. 1

December 31, 201598 min
Dan and Haddie talk about how to optimize travel in order to reduce stress.

Some tips from the show:

Be loyal to a single airline. Loyalty pays off. Not so true for infrequent travelers.
When booking, consider how luggage will fit, what kind of seat
The earlier you book the better. Travel card: American Express Business Card, Barclay Card Arrival+.
Never check a bag.
Nothing under 1+ layover. Domino effect
Get TSAPre
Go to your gate first then wander around
Get the App for your airline
Get to the airport 90 min before the flight departs.
Packing cubes
TravelPro Bags
Bring your own ziplock bags (small, med, large)
Nring wipes
Ask for free things, take advantage of things like birthdays and maybe recently married!
Wear your extra items like hats and coats that might make your luggage not fit in the overhead
Keep your toilitries bag packed, always
Always take the toiletries home from the hotel
Invest in shoe bags
Dryer sheets in your suitcase
Bring or wear socks
Scan your drivers license, passport etc in case of emergency
Go to the restroom if you have the time even if you don’t have to
If you do check you bag, never check ANYTHING valuable
Dirty shoes in the hotel shower cap
Never put your suitcase on the bed

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