Ranked in the worlds TOP of BEST Survival Experts. Daniel Shrigley uses the radio platform to teach, coach and mentor publicly about critical skills needed in full spectrum survival. From risk mitigation and safety management, primitive survival skills, modern sciences in the current age. He discusses proper preparation and planning for wilderness activities. Preparation for self-reliance and the psychology of survival. Bring focus to the priorities, fundamentals and education needed to thrive in a survival situation. Dan expands on a persons own creativity combined with education to deliver the best possible outcome when in a true real world survival situation. He offers tips and tricks obtained over a space of 30+ years. He is a 18 year combat military service veteran. 42 months of combined service in hostile conflict deployed in battle with the US Army as a 19D24 Non-Commissioned Officer. He is a advanced leadership Academy trained professional expert wit

Self-Rescue & Escaping From Being Lost

January 9, 2014122 min