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AA Ep 195 Jayson Gaignard – Uncommon Commonalities

January 25, 201528 min
Building connections and building relationships are how you bring real value to the world around you.
Jayson Gaignard is a super-connector. He's two degrees of separation from anyone you want to meet.
Broke and $250,000 in debt, Jayson thought about an idea that nobody else was doing after getting a free ticket to hear Seth Godin speak, connecting entrepreneurs over an intimate dinner.
He paid for this himself by going even further into debt with no expectations of ever making money on these. Mastermind Dinners launched and Jayson’s new venture was off and running.
Entrepreneurship often takes an unyielding belief in yourself, and Jayson definitely believes.
Listen today to hear the story of someone who bet everything he had on an idea.
His new book, Mastermind Dinners Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers and Linchpins is a fantastic read and he hosts a podcast, Mastermind Talks you really need to subscribe to.
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