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[Bonus] One Good Story Can Save Your Life... (literally) featuring Jordan Harbinger

August 27, 201650 min
One good story can save your life... (literally).   Jordan was taken, strapped to a chair and kicked around. First in Serbia and then again in Mexico. But you already knew this. Here’s what you didn’t know...   I was taken too.   Or at least it felt like it. Everyone reading this has talents. And you want to express those talents.   Maybe you feel taken too. You want to choose yourself but you don’t know where to start.   The first step is simple... get a teacher.   I want to be that teacher.   Why? I don’t know really. I’ve experience so many opportunities that bring me joy. And new ones still come up.   When I got rid of my apartment, strangers all over the world offered me warm meals, friendship, places to sleep.   And the emails still come in. They offer to feature me in their books, on their websites and podcasts.   Jordan Harbinger says “Always be giving.” So that’s what I try to do.   I want to give back. And hopefully you can experience some of the joys I’ve had too.   So take my advice…   Self-publish your story.   Books are the new business cards. They create new opportunities and expand your mind. I became a bestselling author. Now I’ll tell you how you can too.   That’s why I’m releasing a special bonus interview. You’ll hear how my friend Jordan charmed his way into a better life. And how you can too using my “ultimate checklist before self-publishing.” This is my personal checklist that I used to become a bestselling author. This is how I escaped.   The cage is unlocked. It’s up to you to walk out. Listen now

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