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Ep 121: Jim Kwik: Brain Coach and Superhero

July 14, 201583 min
A lot of people call Jim Kwik a brain expert. On today's show, he gives us a sneak peek into his seminars that teach people how to optimize their brains to be more productive and powerful every day.
"With great power comes great responsibility." Jim reverses the iconic saying to put normal people in control of their own accelerated learning: With great responsibility comes great power. 
When you take control of your own learning techniques, you are capable of great things.
What if you were born with superpowers but nobody showed you how to use them? You may not feel like you can excel at accelerated learning, but that does not mean you aren't capable.
Jim reveals that even he experienced learning difficulties as a child after an accidental fall when he was in kindergarten.
"It took me two years longer to learn how to read," he says, and because of these difficulties, he was able to find new ways to learn and excel.
Your brain never stops learning.
You may have been told that your memory is fixed, like your shoe size, but that is not the case. Learning new things creates more brain cells and will help you live a longer life.
But how can you continue to learn new things? Jim breaks down a few of his techniques and key anecdotal lessons, including:

•How to distance yourself from your own self-talk and break the trance of "I can't."
•How to ask new and exciting questions in order to learn new things.
•How to take an active approach to learning in order to get the most out of your experiences.
•How to incorporate EFT, or emotional freedom techniques, into your learning style.
•How to improve memory through the location method.

Jim takes the time to share a few of his tricks and techniques for boosting charisma to improve your memory and conquer your fears of public speaking.
He reminds us to be present in the moment in order to find the motivation we need. This will also help us remember the new information and recall it from memory just as easily.
Unleash your cape...
Links and Resources
For free seminars on speed-reading and memorization, check out Jim Kwik's site The three videos will start you on your way to memory improvement.

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