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Ep 125: Rich and Julie Roll Quit the Nonsense

August 11, 2015101 min
Is it possible to transform your life on the eve of your 40th birthday, and experience meaning, vitality, and purpose like you've never before imagined?
Rich Roll is a wonderful example of how a person can transform his life.
Overweight and burdened by his own demons, on the eve of his 40th birthday, Rich began a transformation that resulted in him becoming an accomplished vegan, ultra-endurance athlete, wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, and motivational speaker.
His wife, Julie Piatt, is an accomplished yoga teacher, chef, artist, and musician. Their recent book collaboration, The Plantpower Way, includes guidance, recipes, and outstand photography that is designed to guide the reader to long-term wellness in body, mind, and spirit.
Together they join Claudia and me for this episode that is in the spirit of a great chat around the dining room table with good friends.
Some of the topics we discuss over tea include:

Working together as a married couple and the relationship of the family
The positivity created by being vulnerable and feeling uncertain of what to do at times
The differences between divine love and human love
What happens in your life when you follow your childhood dreams
How doing podcasts benefit our lives
Challenging labels to expand your growth
Quieting the negative voice on your head by meditation and investing yourself into helping others
And letting go – surrender as a powerful tool

While that list may sound very serious, we also share a lot of laughs throughout the episode.
Rich and Julie are fascinating people on an interesting journey to wherever life takes them. It was great fun to share of bit of time with them.
Links and Resources
To find out more about Rich, and his books on fitness, health, and mindfullness, go to
The Rich Roll Podcast
I also highly encourage you to learn more about Julie Piatt. She has wonderful articles on meditation, yoga, nutrition, and family.
Julie's Jai Release Meditation Program
Julie's music (aka SriMati) on CDBaby
Rich and Julie just launched their new book about the benefits and approaches to a plant-based diet. The Plantpower Way is not only a beautiful book, but also packed with recipes, guidance on how to transition to a plant-based diet, and many of the benefits of following this type of nutrition plan.
Thanks so much for listening!

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