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Ep. 164 - Steve Case: The Third Wave is coming... An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future

April 26, 201663 min
I would’ve taken the money. A couple hundred million.
He could’ve sold the business for a 100, 200 million
Bill Gates wanted to buy it.
But he didn’t sell.
I wanted to know why Steve Case, co-founder and former CEO of
AOL said no to being a millionaire.
“The simple answer is I really believed in the idea of the
internet and believed in AOL and believed that it could change the
world,” he says on today’s podcast.
Investors said, “What are you talking about? This internet
thing? Why would normal people ever want to get connected to
People thought he was crazy crazy. But he could see the
That’s the thing about the future. Nobody wants to see it
Back then, nobody wanted to connect to the internet.
They missed opportunities.
“It was a hard struggle for a decade before we finally broke
through,” he said. The future paid off for Steve Case. And now it
can pay off for you.
He believed they could change the world.
He was right. “Six, seven years later, [AOL] had gone from a few
hundred million dollars to tens of billions to then over 150, 160
But he didn’t stop there…
The Third Wave is coming. Steve talks about it in his New York
Times bestselling book, The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's
Vision of the Future.
These are the opportunities you haven’t missed yet.
We’re offering you the future.
In my interview with Steve Case, you’ll learn about the first
wave (building the internet), the second wave (social media,
community, Facebook, Snapchat… all the billion dollar companies you
wish you thought of or invested in…)
And finally, the third wave. The future.
Listen now to learn how to master your future. Before it’s too
And read what I learned from Steve Case at

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