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Ep. 168 - Tony Hawk: Don't Stand Still

May 23, 201657 min
I was getting good at saying, “no thank you” to certain thoughts. Sometimes it was just conversations I didn’t want to have. Like this one I’m writing. If I were sitting with you, I doubt I’d say any of what I’m about to. I guess that’s why I have questions. Because maybe you know something I don’t. Maybe I can learn from you. And I do. I always do. There’s a formula for loneliness and a formula for connection. No matter the gravity of your sinking, we are all just inches above the ocean. When I ask question, I watch people discover answers they didn’t know they had. And I feel them light up. They connect with themselves. But I pretend it’s me. I asked Tony Hawk about his career. We talked about falling a lot. But I’m avoiding the metaphor about “falling” and getting back up. Because then you’ll think I’m transitioning from falling to failing. And there’s already enough dirty, failure porn out there. So maybe, here’s something new…. 3 questions I asked Tony Hawk: (on my blog)

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