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Ep. 172 - Maria Konnikova: Am I a Con Artist?

June 21, 201676 min
I can’t imagine walking into a situation like that… handing over $20,000. “You have too much attachment to money. Let me hold this in a jar,” the psychic would say. “I'll give it back whenever you ask." Then of course you never get it back. “It's a slow building of a relationship, slow building of trust,” Maria Konnikova said on my podcast.  “You have no idea how many times I've met people who said, ‘I do not believe in psychics.... except my psychic. My psychic is the exception to the rule.’" Maria’s a New York Times bestselling author, contributing writer for The New Yorker and a brilliant podcast guest. I read her book,  “The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time,” about the most common and dangerous con artists in history, what they plotted and how they got away with it. I got paranoid reading it. I thought she missed someone. Me. I kept thinking, “Am I a con artist?” There are 3 elements most people have in common with con artists. And a fourth element exclusive to con artists. It’s the difference between Benjamin Franklin and Bernie Madoff. But before I tell you what these 4 elements are, you need to know how millions of Americans are being scammed everyday. And if you’re one of them. Listen to my interview with Maria to find out the four elements of a con artist and never get scammed again.

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