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Ep 96: Jairek Robbins: Learn it. Live it. Give it.

March 3, 201566 min
Performance coach and bestselling author of Live It, Jairek Robbins, talks about his journey in the life coaching business and how he and James met through an ongoing competition on Amazon.
Jairek reveals how his father, Tony Robbins (Tony Robbins podcast), encouraged him to find his life calling through a simple process of learning, living, and giving. He explains how his father's one rule about money gave him the opportunity of a life time.
Jairek now owns and operates his own performance coaching firm ( where he thrives on helping clients reach their full potential. He believes so deeply in the message ofLive It that he waited 10 years to publish the book so that he could first live out the principles of the text.
This episode is full of great tips and practical examples that explain why performance coaching is a hot topic in today's culture. Find out how a good life coach can identify small changes that yield big results.
In this episode:
Alkalizing your body
Five questions that could change your life
Why Live It took 10 years to complete
The characteristics of a good life coach
Defining the ideal day
Case study: How a law firm corrected a major time-management dilemma
The difference between individual coaching and business coaching
Importance of identity
Transitioning from a practice to a business
Listen as James and Jairek have a little idea sex
Tony Robbins' only rule about money for his kids
Making the transition from ambition to meaning
Conquering the the main opponents to success
How to pick habits that improve your life

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