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Elly Miles' SHOCKING past they tried to hide, Megan Marx and Jake Ellis have SPLIT and devastating news for Bachelor in Paradise!

So Dramatic!

Juicy details about Bachelorette frontrunner Pete Mann’s marriage to Ten weather presenter Kate Freebairn and the REAL reason he applied for the show! What contestants REALLY thought about Elly and Becky Miles being their Bachelorettes! The close relationship two contestants had before the show that was kept a secret in the mansion! Rachael Arahill drops by to confirm some spicy rumours about Elly’s shocking past that Channel Ten tried to sweep under the rug! PLUS confirmation Megan Marx and Jake Ellis’ have split and all the details on their breakup! PLUS devastating news about the fate of the Bachelor in Paradise franchise! PLUS Megan gives her predictions about who she thinks will be the last men standing at the end of this hot mess! #GambleResponsibly!

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