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🤬 KJ Uncensored: F Up C - The Kyle & Jackie O Show

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We’re back for a 2nd episode of KJ Uncensored! Sucked in to my year 3 teacher who told me swearing’s for bogans and criminals. I mean, in my case she’s right, but look at how well I’m doing Mrs Whitlam (I’m 55% sure that’s her name), I’m writing the description text for a podcast! Our censor Missy flagged this segment as one that’d make for a great KJ Uncensored due to the ‘loosey-gooseyness’ of what went to air and what had to be censored.

Oh, and I’ve got to give a shoutout to a celebrity listener of KJ Uncensored. Amy Shark mentioned to Kyle that she’s downloaded ep 1 of KJ Uncensored and that she was “going to listen to it.” Sure, it’d be a better flex if I was able to say something along the lines of “she listened to it and loved it” but Amy acknowledging the existence of the Uncensored series and that she was tepidly excited about listening to it is good enough for me.

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🤬 KJ Uncensored: F Up C - The Kyle & Jackie O Show