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#230: A Lack Of Leather Pants

September 29, 201873 min
No more fancy intros. Nothing different about the hosts. This is a 100% normal episode. There is nothing to be afraid of. 
Have you heard of Abzu? Well you will now. Its on GamePass so you have no excuse for not playing. On a completely unrelated note, guess what Kyle has been playing? Lee, of course has been playing Destiny 2 Forsaken - shout out to Northstar for adopting us into their clan! 
This week we have a ton of games that will, have, or are about to launch. Dakar 18, Fifa 19, Valkyria Chronicles 4 and this little indoe racing game - Forza Horizon 4. Well Forza for the people who pre-ordered. The rest of us have to wait till next week. We are so hyped for this game!
In the news, we have exciting new games coming to GamePass with Wolfenstein and Metro 2033! Mouse and keyboard support is headed to the land of Xbox. Not top sure how to feel about this one... And of course, all the Destiny news you can handle... Thanks Lee! 
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