Why Didn't They Laugh

#114: In Desperate Need of Wool

October 5, 201634 min
​Since moving to Saranac Lake I've had less guests on because famous comedians don't live here and I always figured people want famous guests. I rethought that, and realized that most famous people have identical thoughts on just about everything. The listeners of this podcast seem to really enjoy the quest for human knowledge through the perspectives of different people. This week I chat with a combat vet who served in Afghanistan. He has an unbelievably interesting and shocking take on our motivations for war in the middle east and it will open your eyes to what could actually be happening. He's an unbelievable guy who's also featured this week on our other podcast "case closed beers open." thanks for all the support. E mail me at whydidnttheylaugh@gmail.com I'm at cleveland Improv all weekend come! buy yourself some handcrafted wooden beer coasters at https://hugepianist.com subscribe and comment on iTunes unless you hate puppies

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