Why Didn't They Laugh

#115: Us and Us

October 12, 201629 min
In this episode i go back to my roots and analyze one joke trying desperately to make it work. It was a joke I thought I had, but after some great talks with a Lebanese dude, a gay dude on twitter, and a good look at my own faulty assumptions I gave it another show. I also reviewed the book "The Dorito effect" by Mark Schatzker. Unbelievable book. Read it! If you don't have time just listen to me describe it. Powerful info. huge pianist.com for tour dates. Coming up I have Lake Placid, Atlanta, Brea, and NY. Come out! You can also support me and the podcast by buying me a beer at https://hugepianist.com or just share it with friends and comment on iTunes to feed the algorithm nation. Much love! Thanks for listening! ​

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