Why Didn't They Laugh

147 The Beast Within (with my parents)

April 9, 201792 min
This week I read some of your e mails and we get into a spirited chat with my parents. Topics include mental illness, my friend's heroin overdose, veterans, Douglas Field's book "why we snap," PC culture, trans people, and a bunch of other HILARIOUS topics. If you can join our patreon patreon.com/wdtl it helps a lot whydidnttheylaugh@gmail.com write me anything. I love your letters @owenbenjamin or @WDTLpodcast on twitter hugepianist.com for tour dates or to buy new beer coasters I just made out of an amazing beach tree I cut down. thanks for listening. Stay hydrated and change your socks.

Chat About 147 The Beast Within (with my parents)