Why Didn't They Laugh

#38: Leo Flowers

September 17, 201562 min
Leo Flowers is an amazing comedian, played division I football, and has a degree in psychology. Smart, funny, and a blast to talk to. We invented a game called "cop factors" on this episode where we weigh what factors would get one person arrested over another. Black guy vs white girl, black guy's getting arrested. Black guy latin girl but latin girl has a gun and black guy has thick framed hipster glasses could go either way. Gay top but small vs gay bottom wearing flannel but is crying top still gets arrested. Email me a "cop factor" and I'll hit you back. whydidnttheylaughpodcast@gmail.com our podcast is live at the hollywood improv tonight at 8 PM with Greg Fitzsimmons and Graham Norton for Podcastfest. Come! subscribe and comment, and of course, stay hydrated! #wdtl #wdtLOL owenbenjamin.com/tour SEE ME LIVE

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