Why Didn't They Laugh

#59: It Takes A Child To Raise A Village

December 31, 201567 min
I recorded this after not sleeping for two days so it's either gonna be awesome or insane. I'm solo on this one which means there are some extreme tangents explored. A physicist I talked to recently explained to me the gluons who's' function is to bind and connect subatomic particles actually has the majority of the mass of the atom? I may be getting that wrong but the concept has stuck with me. We are more what connects us to each other than we are ourselves. I get into a surprisingly personal amount of detail how I think Amy and I went from being unstable and sometimes hostile with each other to partners. I'm too tired to sensor myself so I hope you relate to my gluons. I discuss the spiritual vacuum in America that comes from trying to fit everyone into a sellable brand and the massive penises currently filling said void. Check out my highly nuanced and multi demential short films I made about the relationship between the comedian's show and the world they live in. The child (comedian) needs the village to know what to talk about, be supported, and study. Without the community the comedian has no voice. But the opposite is also true. The curiosity and unjustified fearlessness that both children and comedians have elevate the entire community. When people see all their discarded moments and annoying nuances of their life woven into an hour of humor it raises their life experiences and shows them how special their lives really are. It takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a child to raise a village. Here is the documentary I did about writing 60 minutes in a week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWFitzBc3ZI and here is the result of asking you guys for your favorite and least favorite words. The story takes a hard and intense turn but it came out interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFm9-8eV8JU I'm at Levity live all weekend bringing in the new year and will be on the Impractical Jokers cruise in two weeks with a ton of my best friends. So excited. Rate, comment, and share this podcast and these shorts. Communication and relating is very important for our species. This podcast may be awesome or complete fucking gibberish I literally have no way of knowing because I'm that under slept. I love you all! whydidnttheylaughpodcast@gmail.com write me about literally anything. Send me videos. Interaction is the good stuff. @owenbenjamin twitter @owenbenjamincomedy facebook http://owenbenjamin.com to request an original song.

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