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Darkhawk / Sleepwalker

March 20, 2017102 min
On this week's episode of WORST COLLECTION EVER, Jen Stansfield and Shawn discuss: Darkhawk #20 (1992) Sleepwalker #17 (1992) Topics include: - Shawn thinks about starting an Eclipso podcast - Chris D’Elia and Dane Cook make Morrissey feel better - what’s really in Guy Fieri’s “donkey sauce” - what its like to be a woman - Quentin Tarantino writes comics books - we cast the Sleepwalker movie…it goes terribly Music at the end courtesy of Warlock Pinchers “Morrissey Rides a Cock Horse.” We don’t own the right to it but check out http://www.warlockpinchers.com/ for more music from them. Please rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! We now have a Facebook page! Check us out over at http://www.facebook.com/WorstCollectionEver Email us at worstcollectionever@gmail.com Continue the conversation on Twitter @angryheroshawn and @JenStansfield

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