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#192: Reza Izad & Jake Greene - 50 Billion and Counting

July 10, 201868 min
Studio 71 CEO, Reza Izad and author/content creator Jake Greene are the Batman and Robin of content creation. In an era of digital content creation, their new book, Create Great Videos explores the evolution, future, and rules behind how great content gets made. Reza -- being one of of the first to take the leap of faith from traditional talent to YouTube generation talent --is a pioneer in the space. Meanwhile, Jake is considered intergenerational expert in working with companies and individuals looking to explore social media. With help from 50 of the brightest stars on the Internet, the stories, strategies and statistics in their book will help you create amazing videos, develop a digital voice, build an online community and collaborate with the YouTube generation.

**note: please forgive a little of the mic handling noise in this episode! Great insights and information here!

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