Truth & Iliza

Jeff Miller of Thrillist

August 25, 201577 min
Iliza sits down with Thrillist senior editor Jeff Miller and it gets... amazing. This episode is all about food- subjects include how repulsive Iliza finds steak toppers, the debate over the essential burger ingredients, men's obsession with grilling, why GrubHub insists on only showing us Indian restaurants and why Indian restaurants are so weird about their Naan. They also discuss the simplicity of some foods like steak, food nostalgia, Jeff's mom carrying ranch dressing everywhere, why Brioche can suck it, Iliza's issues with LA Tacos and her uneducated aversion to eating goat, foie gras or lamb... We also find out foie gras is doled out in "lobes" and then Iliza has Jeff smell her earring. Frozen yogurt, dessert martinis, disdain for avocados- these two basically cover everything you have ever hafted, loved or thought about food.
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