Truth & Iliza

Jodi Miller

August 18, 201581 min
TRUCKERS! Listen to this episode if you need to stay awake. Iliza talks with long time comedy best friend, comedian, writer and PRETTY FUNNY (blaaah) woman, JODI MILLER. Jodi shares with Iliza some horrible pick up lines, online dating experiences- including being forced to go on a date with a guy AND his girlfriend... Iliza then gets a chance to share with her audience a hateful text message she wrote on Jodi's behalf to a woman Iliza had never even met- it's so venomous and angry, yet Iliza says it was one of easiest and most cathartic things she has ever done.
If you want to know what to say and not say to a woman, then guys, you need to listen to this. The girls talk horrible British accents, using exclamation points in sex talk and horrific dick pics. THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST EPISODES OF A PODCAST EVER!
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